You look great!

look greatFor July 4th, I was invited to my friends’ house for a party and fireworks.

I met this couple working at my last job.  They are fellow Gators and we had a number of fun times, locally and on the occasional trip.  While I had seen them recently, many of their guests hadn’t seen me in nearly 20 years.

During the course of the re-introductions, I kept being told, “You look great!”.  I have gotten versions of that greeting from many people who haven’t seen me in a while and that got me to thinking…just how bad did I used to look?

I mean, since that time, I’ve gotten balder and (maybe) a little wider.  Certainly a little more white peppers my sideburns.  I haven’t been on any weight-training program and have not gone to any special makeover place.  So, what do they see that I don’t?

Sure, some of the comments could be genteel courtesy, but enough people of varying levels of familiarity (including family) with me have said it that I think they might actually mean it!  So, I’m thinking I must have looked awful during my previous twenty years.

My conclusion is that it was my working in Corporate America that made my appearance less attractive than recent times.  Stress, frustration and pressure probably robbed some ethereal glow from my aura.  Now, in my relaxed and content phase, it must be the aura of peacefulness that people are reacting to.

That’s the story I’m sticking with.  I’d rather not think it’s simply how bad I looked before!