Living on fast food slowly

Living on fast food slowly - I have weeks of leftover hamburgers and hot dogs from my Halloween BBQ. I'm in no hurry to finish them off.

As we talked about yesterday, the Halloween BBQ party is over. What is left over from that is packed away in my freezer. For the next several weeks, I’ll be living on fast food slowly.

Rarely living on fast food

It’s not something I do often, eat from fast food places. I wouldn’t say it’s a health-conscious decision. I like some of that fast food.

No, I just have so much of my own cooking to eat. Plus, at least a couple of times a week, I’m having lunch with the parentals. Add in the occasional friend lunch/dinner and there’s really little need to visit the fast food places.

Living out of my freezer

Except after BBQ’s. I work hard to ensure food doesn’t run out. Granted, I ended up with too little broccoli this time, but the main food is where I concentrate my efforts.

So, there is always a good amount in the freezer. This includes about a half dozen burgers and a dozen or so hot dogs.

Avoiding repeating myself

I do not like to eat the same food on consecutive days. Even when I really like the food, I try to insert more variety into my daily food choices.

Generally, I don’t have fast food in the house. And, with my penchant for spreading out my eating choices, whatever fast food (i.e., burgers and the like) I do have gets whittled away very slowly.

Living on fast food slowly

Now, sure, technically, food I’m buying and cooking myself ups the quality and freshness factor beyond standard fast food fare. I’ll give you that.

But, I still have a freezer that has many foil-encased burgers and dogs leftover from my Halloween BBQ party. It’s fast food by any other name.

I look at it as a long-term commitment. For a good while, I’ll be living on fast food slowly.

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