Little oops


What Now final cover ideaClose is good enough sometimes, horseshoes and hand grenades are the popular suggestions.  Then again, sometimes it’s not good enough, such as dodging bullets, jumping between buildings and lotto tickets.  It’s also not quite good enough when pre-releasing cover images.

A last second check by my cover designer found that one of the images he was going to use was restricted from being included in book covers.  That put a screeching halt to the book cover (and the ensuing publication).  Fortunately, the designer raced through ideas and offered me several more suggestions.   Some of them were not as exciting as the original image, but I had confidence in him to turn up something cool.

And so he did, by mixing, matching and blending.  Now we (for real) have a final cover to the book and the trilogy.  It holds to my plan of moving from cartoonish to fanciful to realistic on each cover to match the maturation of the characters and story through each book.

What the delay means is probably a publication date pushed back to the end of January instead of mid-month as I had planned.  Not a big deal, in the grand scheme, just a little oops.

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