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What Next?We’ve been here before when What If? went on sale and we’ll no doubt be back when What Now? is released, but it bears repeating, so hang with me…I’ll be brief.

Within a few days (if not already), What Next?, the second book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, will be available online at your favorite book shopping locations.

Most of these locations urge you to write a review of the product you are buying.  I second that recommendation and I would like to talk with you about why your review is so important.

First, the obvious reason.  Writing positive reviews informs other buyers that the book is worth reading and worth buying.  It’s a simple thing, but it has a powerful impact.  The impact is multiplied many times more than the simple quantity might suggest.  The difference between five and ten reviews is much greater than just five more reviews.

That’s because of the second reason.  Like the Colonel’s secret recipe, Coca Cola’s formula and how you rate being listed first in a Google search, there has been much speculation and little knowledge on how Amazon’s marketing algorithm’s work.  Most people agree that the number of positive reviews plays a large role.

That marketing impact is huge!  It is the function that would have my book appear on other pages people are shopping with the “other people also liked…”, an amazing and powerful tool for getting people to look at your product.  It’s incalculable in value and the only one who can help me gain the benefit is you.

If you purchase the book and enjoy it, I humbly (but hopefully) ask you to jot a few lines of comment on Amazon’s site.  It will help other readers and it will help me!


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