Let’s get this show back on the road


on the roadWith my big holiday past, it’s time to set the plans in motion for finishing op the third and final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, “What now?”

With only six weeks until my annual trip to my best friend and her family for Christmas in Vegas, here’s the tentative timeline I’m going to be working under during that period:

By Thanksgiving – Dive back into the book and complete the editing, re-writing and re-editing

By the time I leave – Shuffle out my preview copies to select readers for feedback and opinions (not necessarily the same thing)

By New Year’s – Finish all final edits, submit to publisher and begin cover design discussions

By mid-January – Release the hounds!

In conjunction with the upcoming release, I have a few marketing efforts planned, nothing particularly groundbreaking but still useful:

Re-engage the reviewers – There are some important reviewers out there.  I need to get a few more of them into Books 1 & 2 and then interest them in pre-release reviews on Book 3.

Promotions and Giveaways – There are a number of online opportunities through the big players (Goodreads, Amazon, Google) that will offer me chances to drum up some pre-release interest.


As regular readers of my blog (and books) know, I am still effectively a pebble or a drop or a grain (choose your metaphor of tiny to large).  There is no shame in admitting this.  The quality and entertainment value of the book is not determined by its sales.  I’m sure there are probably a cure for the common cold, a solar-powered car and a better mousetrap out there that no one knows about either.  Invention may be genius, but awareness is king.  Or, put another way, if someone writes a book and no one is around to read it, was it really written?

In my case, yes, since I have printed copies and some flattering reviews to prove it (though, I suppose I could have faked all the reviews).  I would prefer less of the former and more of the latter, but that’s life in book marketing.

Regardless of where the books stand now, I am excited to bring the story to a rollicking close and hope the completed tale will find a wider audience.


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