Let’s do the time warp again


Ha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Caught your eye, though, right? No, this isn’t a riff (raff) on the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it is another travel down memory lane. And, if it’s between Al Stewart or Rocky Horror, that’s not a fair competition. So, let’s do the time warp again.

A Christmas carol

It’s all about Christmas. Well, it’s at least because of Christmas. Or, more specifically, Christmas sales.

Each year, I take a look at the state of my home and try to use the Black Friday to New Year’s period to fill/replace/repair things.

This can include anything from socks to washing machines. It almost always includes loud shirts. One can never have too many loud shirts. Write that down.

O Grandma, my Grandma

So, it came to be that I finally needed to replace towels. Guest towels, to be precise.

Hey dobby!

Two things are critical in that decision. First, the towels have to have as little dobby as possible. No, that’s not a Harry Potter reference. Check out the link to the right. Second, they have to match my unique colored counter tops.

The reason I needed new towels is that the old ones, just two years old, had started to fray. Hmph. I would point out to current towel manufacturers that I still have my towels Grandma gave me about 30 years ago and only a couple of them have frayed.

Shoely you jest…

Next on the agenda, some slip-on shoes. Now, normally, I’m against buying shoes over the internet, but I’ve had some good sneaker success recently, so I decide to take a dip.

I want some casual slip on shoes to wear when I’m too lazy to tie laces. I found a pair in a color I liked at JC Penney (online) and they did fit, if they were not the most comfortable.

Fortunately, I solved that problem long ago, by picking up a few of those (supposedly) odor-reducing insoles at Wal-Mart.

I can’t speak to their intended purpose (I don’t sweat much, so I don’t usually have that issue), but in terms of providing a soft cushion for my footsies, they work perfectly.

It all comes out in the wash

Lastly, I began my search – once again – for a new laundry machine. Yes, that’s the correct term, as I am relegated to one of those tall and small one-piece laundry centers due to the architectural brain damage of the original builders of my home.

Sadly, over time, these machines have grown deeper. For me to replace my old and noisy model, I would probably end up having to remove the door in front of the machine in order for it to stick out a little. Meh.

Time passages

But, the most staggering thing of all these purchases is that the passage of time between purchases causes a ghastly sticker shock.

For example, the last time I bought slip-on shoes, they were around $30. My new ones were $45. Towels, which used to be $5-$7 are now $10-$15. And the laundry station?

I checked the old receipt, because I wanted a sense how old my current machine is (2004, if you’re interested) and it was $600. Today’s most closely matched replacement? $1,200. Twice the price!!

Let’s do the time warp again

Yeah, I know, prices rise. It’s like death and taxes, one of the few things you can “count” on. But, jeepers, how does anyone keep up with those price increases? I doubt many people double their salaries that quickly.

Ah well, such is the “price” of not buying things for a long period. Still, I haven’t pulled the trigger on the whole laundry center craziness just yet.

Eventually, it will drive me insane. Which, I suppose will be just the right moment to actually say, let’s do the time warp again.

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