Let there be…halogen!


badly lit bathroomAn all-too frequent (and perplexing) issue I faced in my hotel stops along the Great North American Baseball Road Trip was poor lighting in the bathroom.

This is especially aggravating for things like holding a sharpened piece of metal against your neck and dragging it across at an angle.  It’s also annoying in a number of other less fatal ways.

Upon returning to my beloved home, I was reminded once again, by comparison, how badly lit those hotel bathrooms were.

My master bathroom, featuring a fairly common two-sink setup, has (naturally) a light fixture above each mirror hanging above each sink.  The fixtures hold three bulbs each and in each I have halogen lights.

Halogens actually use less electricity to generate the same wattage, so I can actually have a brighter bathroom than with standard incandescent bulbs (or those horrendous “money saver” bulbs, which are basically just fluorescent).

There’s a double benefit for me in the wintertime, as halogens generate more heat than a normal bulb, warming up the bathroom for when I exit the shower in the freezing cold 76 to 77 degrees my house may fall to.

I suppose hotels have such poorly lit bathrooms (and really, most other rooms, too) as an economical decision – less wattage equals less money – but it’s an irritating drawback for me.  They should just let there be (ample) light!

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