Lesser of two evils?

lesser evilA couple of years ago, I had my first physical in some time and got a pretty positive report card.  A little high in the cholesterol, a touch above on triglycerides and an otherwise solid result.

As a result, I cut out my beloved Coca-Cola (usually a two-liter per week) and finally cut back on my beloved Breyer’s ice cream.  Finally, in the last few months, I’ve given up my “Sunday treat” mornings.

The last part was especially hard.  Sunday morning was my special time.  Perhaps it was mallomars and milk.  Maybe it was bowties and milk.  Or maybe mini-eclairs and milk.  I think you can see the pattern.  Sugar and fat and cholesterol.  But, yum!

Now, I only have Coke when I eat out and only then when it’s a “Coke place”, which isn’t that often.  It is a rare thing when I order a dessert when out.  And even my steak grilling has been taken down a notch (but just a notch, let’s not get crazy).

Of course, sometimes I fall off the wagon.  I picked up a package of bacon today and plan to fry up a boatload to go with a grilled cheese sandwich on Sunday.  Yeah, cholesterol overload day, but hey, not too bad on the sugars!

I’m glad I was never a drinker or smoker…I wouldn’t want to imagine what a “binge” day on one of those would be like!