Leaving me eye and dry


Okay, no new news here! You already know I’ve got an obsessive personality. In fact, I even mentioned it in a post this week. Hmm. I wonder if posting about obsessive behavior is obsessive behavior. Anyhoo, here’s a post about how one of my obsessions is leaving me eye and dry.

So, first of all, let’s refresh your memory a little about my beloved eyeballs. First thing you need to know is that I wear glasses. The idea of putting something directly on the surface of my eye gives me the willies.

Once, long ago, I considered getting laser surgery. Mostly to avoid wearing glasses when playing tennis. Since the glasses are progressive, there is some blurring that occurs when the ball moves closer than a certain point.

If only they were this damp

Sadly, I find out that the “side effect” of correcting eyes for those “night vision halos” makes them more sensitive to light. Duh. Didn’t I just say I wanted my eyes fixed so I could play tennis more? How is making me squint more, helpful?

So, I wear glasses.

Now, among my obsessions are reading and computers (games, chat, browsing). Turns out, that’s not so good for eyeballs. My eyeballs specifically, as my optometrist slapped me with a “you’ve got dry eyes” warning label (detailed to the side).

Feh. The non-preservative eye-drops tend to work their magic and I persevere.

All those tiny pieces…

Now, bring in my newest obsession – jigsaw puzzles.

As I mentioned a little while back (detailed to the side, part deux), I have just started getting back into puzzle work. And, as is my wont, I am diving in with all four limbs.

What that means is I’m already one my fifth jigsaw puzzle since that blog post. I actually framed the Escher one and it looks excellent on my criminally bare walls.

But, as you can guess, those extended hours poring over little pieces are leaving me eye and dry.

I’ve stepped up my purchases and use of those renewing eye-drops, so that helps. And, I expect this initial excess of puzzle work to slow soon. If for no other reason than it’s hard to find intriguing puzzles that I want to work.

Still, it’s quite amusing, if somewhat discomforting, to see yet another hobby obsession of mine turn into a (minor) case of self-punishment.

I still read. I still spend time on the ‘puter. And I expect I will continue to explore new jigsaw puzzles as they capture my fancy.

Despite the fact that my hobbies are leaving me eye and dry.

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