At least I am thorough


ThoroughIt’s holiday time!

As a single guy, that means I get invited to other people’s homes for dinners and stuff.  Even though I’m not hosting anyone, I still like my place looking clean for the holidays.

Of course, liking it looking clean and liking cleaning it are two dramatically separate things, as I’ve said many times in this blog.  Still, one thing I can say about my cleaning:  when I commit to it, I go all the way.

I have a strong preference for dark woods and deep reds and all my furniture demonstrates my color leanings.  My aforementioned single status has always prompted me to bring a female friend along with me when I go furniture shopping and I am happy to get their insight into particular designs (as long as they are dark in color).

I was thrilled when we found the perfect dining room set to match the dark granite counter tops of my kitchen.  It’s a gorgeous dark table with a fat round base that tapers like clay on a potter’s wheel.  It polishes up beautifully.  I climb underneath my table each time and lovingly polish the base and stand that no one ever sees.

My bedroom set is dark cherry wood.  The dresser has a “wavy” front and intricate designs on each drawer.  I spend a good deal of time working a polish-splashed towel (from Grandma!) into each crevice.  Yes, sometimes that means banging or scraping the fingers (owie!), but I’m just anal attentive enough to commit to each drawer.

When I’m done, the furniture glows (remember, single guy – what’s there to mess it up?), as do I, in a job well-accomplished.

If I were to paraphrase the famous beer-drinking guy, “I may not like cleaning, but when I do, at least I am thorough.”

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