Leading from behind


Being out of a job sucks. Working a job without pay probably sucks worse. For nearly a million government employees, today marks another reminder that Washington “leaders” are only leading from behind.

Real people, not talking points

There is no magic pixie dust that suffuses a person when they take a government job. They have the same bills and concerns as the rest of us.

They are not transported to a place of astounding wages and bonuses. Not these people. The 536 elected people, that’s something different.

Raising awareness

So, the big “sacrifice” the White House is making to “relate” to the little people is that they are freezing their raises. Their raises.

Not even foregoing them. Just delaying them. I’m sure they’ll come through about 12 seconds after the shutdown ends.

Oh, there is a stray congressperson who is either not taking their check or donating it to relief funds, but those can easily be counted on one hand and still leave room for finger-pointing.

You had one job

The most important requirement given to our elected officials is to keep the government open. One simple job.

All the rest – national defense, welfare, health, etc. – none of those can operate if the government is shut down.

Now, this isn’t a total shut down, “only” about 25% of the government. Of course, things like the FDA checking your food for safety or the TSA checking your airports for safety or the Coast Guard checking your…

Yeah, those are either shut down or working with no pay. How would your attitude be in that situation?

Missing in action

Somehow, the mighty Republican party, is nowhere to be seen. Apparently, the somehow toothless Mitch McConnell says the only solution for this shutdown is between Trump and Democrats.

Oh, if only I could shirk responsibility for my job so easily all those years.

Suddenly, Mitch is helpless. He has lost the power to freeze Supreme Court appointees (under an opposing presidency). Mystically, he no longer possesses the strength that allowed him to push a tax increase for rich people (under a Republican congress).

Baloney. Here is the simple truth: There are bills to open up the government and pay real, working class people while politicians can continue to argue with each other.

But, that would mean going against Trump and his base. But, powerless Mitch is up for re-election in 2020. And, really, what’s 800,000 people not meeting their bills compared to being re-elected? Especially if they are mostly Democrats.

Trump trumps Trump

And for what? A phony “crisis”.

Yes, sorry, Trump supporters, but this isn’t me saying this – it is the Trump administration and real statistics that comes from them.

Most illegal immigrant violations stem from overstaying visas

Most drugs coming in across the southern border cross at ports of entry

Southern border arrests have been falling steadily for nearly 20 years

There are more, but you can just as easily go to DHS statistics and find them out for yourself. That’s the Trump-run and appointed DHS. Just to be crystal clear.

Promise made, promises avoided

“Mexico will pay for the wall”  (they aren’t)

“Mexico will pay for the wall through the USMCA”  (they don’t, the money goes to private companies, for which there may be increased tax revenue; plus, the deal isn’t even ratified by Congress yet and may not until 2020)

“I am proud to own the shutdown. I will not blame Democrats”  (no comment needed)

“Nobody is better at making deals than me”  (China, North Korea, Obamacare and the shutdown suggest otherwise)

“I alone can fix it.” (This is true. Step up and end the shutdown)

Leading from behind

In the meantime, people are going without pay. Americans. Those people whose safety and security the 536 elected officials in Washington swore on the bible to protect and defend.

While those elected officials are all leading from behind, real lives are being affected, possibly forever.

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  1. Steve

    Good imagery Jeff! Because Trump and the GOP are literally taking a dump on the country.


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