Late, not dead


late-not-deadWhen I first started cogitating about this post and the headline, I got sidetracked thinking about why people use the term “late” for recently deceased. It’s not morbidity; it’s a love of words that impels me.

Before checking, I came up with several theories, such as it’s derived from a longer expression (“late of this world”, “late to rise”, etc.). Ultimately, I had to admit I was just puzzled.

Apparently, after researching the origin, so is most everyone else. Even the illustrious O.E.D. (Oxford English Dictionary) only had theories, not conclusions.

I find the usage as a euphemism for death amusing, especially when considered against another popular expression, “better late than never”. Seems to me, that if late means dead than it means never, so the statement is redundant. “Better dead than never”? Eh, not so much, thanks anyway.

Anyway, I digress.

Halloween is late this year. About a week, to be precise. For me that is. The calendar brooks no concern over my weather troubles.

Now, a week may not seem like a lot for most of you. Those bags of candy are available right up until the day of Halloween (and 50% off right after!).

But, for any of you who go all out for Halloween (or you sympathizers who do it for Christmas), you know what shorting a week can do for your planning, let alone executing the plan.

Add to that my annual cooking barrage for my BBQ and there’s every possibility for real stress.

Except, I just enjoy it so dang much that even the stress makes me laugh…out loud, no less.

This year, I punished myself needlessly with the Dead Thing Pen. Not building it, ’cause it’s awesome, but getting the supplies.

I could only fit nine bags of mulch in my little Legacy trunk (that’s actually pretty good, come to think of it), but in lugging them first onto the flat cart at Home Depot and then from the flat cart into the trunk and then from the trunk into and around the Dead Thing Pen, I used bad form and my right side is still aching almost a week later. Meh.

But I chuckle through the (former pain and now) ache. The bags claim the mulch is “specially designed to retain water”. Gee thanks, I can vouch for that. Just what I needed was a 40 lb. bag of mulch becoming 50 lbs. because all of it is soaked from recent rains (it’s the garden area at Home Depot…open roof sections).

I’ve adapted. In a nod to time constraints and different build designs, I’m not hanging strings of lights this year. That saves a considerable amount of time. And inflatables are not necessarily something you want to put up to early in hurricane season, so I’ve time on those.

I’m pacing myself so I don’t end up further injured. It may take longer, but I’ll only be late, not dead.

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