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shoestring budgetTime for another in my series of blogs about evil clothing items.

Okay, maybe not really a series. I guess two blogs is not enough to call a series. So, let’s just call it the follow-on to my previous diatribe on annoying clothing items.

Today’s outrage is over shoelaces. Specifically, shoelaces that are too long.

What is the story with that?

I mean, do they think someone’s going to have super-tall feet and need more string to close the shoe? They certainly can’t have longer feet because they would just by a longer shoe.

It’s not as if shoelaces are easily adjusted either. You have to clip off the little plastic thingy and squeeze it back onto the shoelace…if you actually decide to cut it shorter.

If you leave the shoelaces as you bought them, you end up double, or even triple, tying the bow knots. That not only looks ridiculous, it’s an afternoon’s effort to untie all those knots when you want to take the shoes off.

Honestly, there has never been a better case for slip-ons or velcro than these inane long shoelaces that come on shoes now. I’m amazed that some people can still walk around with their shoes untied. Seems to me they would not only trip themselves but also anyone else walking near them.

This is yet another evil destruction of “the good ol’ days” and is directly responsible for even more people my age (and older) pummeling younger generations with those horrible sentences that begin with “You know, back in my day…”.

So, if you’re tired of hearing that…fix the darned shoelaces!


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