Holidays galore this weekend!

I was invited to three dinners (two Passover seders and an Easter dinner) which meant I needed to come up with three things to bring with me.  It’s standard dinner etiquette to bring something with you to someone’s meal.

In my case, I brought only one thing, cooked three days in a row.  A classic noodle kougal (other times called a noodle pudding).  It’s a wonderful dish that can be served warm or hot, with or without fruit.

I usually suggest the “hot” route.  The smell of the kougal when warm is delightful, similar to a warm cheese danish or coffee cake.

I mixed it up this time by adding raisins into one of the three kougals and leaving the other two plain.  The fruit usually gets picked out by kids, so I don’t always include it in the baking (though it’s always been included in my own family’s various matriarchs’ cooking).

The general prescribed ingredients for a good noodle kougal usually includes some mixture of eggs, sugar, cream cheese, butter, sour cream, some vanilla extract and, of course, noodles.

My own version of the recipe goes about double on the cream cheese (but a little lighter on the sugar).  Thus my kougals tend to more resemble a cheesecake than a pudding.

The overall prep and cook time for the whole thing is probably just a tad more than an hour, meaning I can cook it up close to my departure time to the particular dinner, allowing the kougal to still be warm/hot from the oven.

Because it’s extra rich, I don’t cut it into big portions, which means it can feed more people.  I was grateful to see many requests for “seconds” (as well as for the recipe), so I think my contribution to the weekend dinners was successful.

Now I need to expend some significant energy at tennis this week to work off three days of kougal eating!

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