Kids are being killed. For crying out loud, DO something!


You’re damn right I’m angry. Kids are being killed. Get out of here with your second amendment blather. Kids are being killed. For crying out loud, do something!

Can you seriously tell me that a little extra waiting or a little extra paperwork is too much to ask? Seriously? Kids are being killed.

Sure, you’re a responsible gun owner. But can you vouch for everyone? Not even just those buying guns but owning them?

Did you know that, on average, one child under the age of 12 dies in the United States every week from gun accidents? Do you know why most of those happen? Because the parents were careless with the guns they own. Second amendment doesn’t mean spit if you’re flat-out stupid about gun safety. Kids are being killed.

Yes, they kill people

I don’t care what types of guns you own. I don’t care how many you own. Keep ’em. Buy more. Just don’t leave them out on the table when you go to work.

“Guns don’t kill people”?? Get out of here with that, too. I’ve been there, posted that. Guns fire, people die. And beyond that, kids are being killed.

I’m not asking about your political background. I could care less about what cards you carry in your wallet. I’m talking about your kids. Or your next door neighbor’s kids. Or, really, does it matter whose kids? Kids are being killed.

What does it take for people to stop worrying about being inconvenienced? How many dead will it take to overcome ridiculous paranoia that large amounts of government types will be “coming for your guns”?

Have you never heard the term “greater good”. It involves a magic concept called “sacrifice”. Can you not sacrifice some of your campaign funds, politicians? Are you not willing to put up with some more regulations, Mr. and Mrs. gun buyer?

Kids are being killed. For crying out loud, DO something!

5 Responses to “Kids are being killed. For crying out loud, DO something!”

  1. Steve Lewis

    Anger is good, especially if it leads to action. Start by looking at the candidates in the forthcoming Democratic primary and find the ones you can support that do not take money from the NRA and will support reasonable gun laws; particularly candidates that have a good chance of winning in the general. Support those candidates and vote in the primary and the November general elections.

    • JMD

      That’s not a start, that’s a finish. It’s nine months from now. Action needs to be taken today. Actually, action needed to be taken years ago.

      • Steve

        Nothing will happen as long as the Republican majority (and the President) are owned by the gun lobby, unless they feel mortally threatened. Voters can make that happen in November. Perhaps the GOP will throw a few crumbs in the interim, but don’t hold your breath.

        The actions that can be taken between now and then is supporting candidates that will legislate stronger gun control laws. Provide your money or time or both.

  2. Tim

    I agree with your anger, but I am torn on the gun control issue. I don’t understand how longer wait times or more paperwork is going to stop this kind of thing. If some idiot is going to do something like this, is waiting an extra month or filling out 5 more pages of paperwork going to stop him? Just my opinion but I don’t think so.
    I don’t own a gun because with grandkids around, the risk of them somehow finding a gun that I had is absolutely not worth the risk no matter how careful I was in securing the gun.

    • JMD

      Well, that’s a fair point, but even if I’m not minimizing the controls being put in place, wouldn’t it be worth it if the checks just caught one more person who might have committed the act without them?

      Of course it’s all hypothetical. The arguments against controls are just as hypothetical. Until we have the strength of conviction to try them out, we will never know.

      And, even then, we might not know. How do you “prove” effectiveness when, by its very effectiveness, nothing happens?


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