Kicking off the first promotion


goodreadsBeginning today, the first of my book promotions start.  In anticipation of the release of the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, “What Now?”, I will be running consecutive monthly promotions through Goodreads, an online community that shares recommendations and reviews of books.

The goal is straightforward:  Encourage more readers to enjoy the first two books in the series and (hopefully) put reviews of the book up on the site.  Fellow readers offer a compelling inducement for new readers to try out books from authors they have never read before.

The explosion of the internet continues to develop new marketing tools.  In an era where information is now instantly available, sites that organize and specialize create huge advantages for the innocent browser in an endless sea of dizzying results (check out those numbers at the top of a random Google search).

While it’s a double-edged sword (the availability sometimes trumped by the sheer mass of data), the benefits are far greater for writer and reader.  My opportunity to reach out and offer more information to readers, through extended descriptive information and previews of the book give potential readers better information to decide whether to buy the book.  The more reviews that are attached to that information, the more powerful the message and the easier that reader’s decision.

Fortunately, I’ve received universally positive reviews to this point.  Gratifying as that is, statistical laws suggest at some point, there will be a less enthusiastic voice.  I’m okay with that, especially if it’s a well-reasoned critique.  All decisions are made better by understanding pros and cons;  reading choices are no different.

Hopefully, between the giveaways and independent book bloggers, I can raise the awareness on the first two books and build up the excitement for the finale.  I should finish with the preliminary editing today (leading to the first rewrite over the weekend) and I’m pleased how the book has turned out.  A little more seasoning, a little longer in the oven and I think I’ll have cooked up a tasty treat for you!

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