Just say no (more)


no moreI have a hard time with it.  I really do.  Saying “no more” is tough.

After a week of working on comics and toys and for girls and boys (I’m a poet!), I have been fighting off my near-overpowering desire to add even more to each bag.

Now, understand, I’m giving away ten (count ’em, 10!) comic books in each bag.  In addition to all that reading matter, every bag, girl or boy, gets 4 “somethings”.

Between Dollar Tree and Oriental Trading, I’ve found lots of neat “somethings”.  Somethings to light up and smell, somethings to light up and wave, somethings to light up and bounce.  Other somethings to inflate, other somethings to blow, other somethings to paint, other somethings to glow (I’m a poet!).

Still more somethings to squeeze, still more somethings to squish, still more somethings to shuffle, still more somethings to bobble.  Yet other somethings to jump and other somethings to pose and other somethings to wear somewhere on their clothes (I’m a poet!).

But, as I stare at the bags, nearly completed (I have yet to insert all the comics bags into the goody bags and there’s still the final mini-bag of candy), I have an urge to put more somethings in each one.

In fairness, I would have to add something to each bag.  There are currently 96 bags (as a reminder:  30@ for older, 18@ for younger), so that means, assuming it’s a dollar store item, each new addition costs $100.

Not only are my bags probably already “cool” enough to wow my trick or treaters, but that’s $100 I could otherwise spend on more outdoor decorations!

When it comes to Halloween, I agree with that ironic statement that anything worth doing is worth overdoing.  In this instance, however, I think I may be able to muster up the discipline to just say “no more!”

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