I’ve got a plan


Coming off a successful year of cooking all-new recipes, I was wondering what I could do for next year. Should I start over? Should I take up baking? I was undecided until the family Christmas dinner. Because of that, I’ve got a plan.

Beyond the usual spiral ham and other associated dishes, my brother-in-law produced a surprise. He cooked up a prime rib roast. Perhaps because he used the barbecue, he left it a bit too rare. My sister likes nearly living things (as in super rare). The rest of us are a bit more traditional.

Anyone who has eaten a good prime rib knows it is properly prepared medium rare. Red in the middle, but cooked at the edges. With plenty of natural sauce for the au jus dipping. It’s one of my favorite meats to order, but I’ve never cooked it.

Though I was considering making 2018 a baking challenge, I realized I don’t have to lock into one or the other. Therefore, I think I’ve got a plan on how to set up my 2018 Cooking and Baking Challenge.

Some of my favorite eats, that I still have yet to try making myself, follow (in no particular order):

– Prime Rib

– Shrimp scampi

– Brownies

– Bowties (crunchy bowtie-shaped pastry coated with sugar crystals)

– Danish

– Roast duck

– Fried chicken (eat it a lot; never made it)

– Seafood fra diavolo

– Pulled pork

– Napoleons (scary to attempt)

– Mu shu pork

– Cupcakes (hey, I need an excuse for buttercream icing)

That’s twelve right there. They could be my selections for next year or they could simply be my first pass.  Now that my world travel challenge from the elder nieceling is over, I am free to go anywhere I like.

Will my 2018 challenge make me buy all sorts of new doo dads like 2017 did? It’s likely. Plus, all sorts of ingredients I will have too much of left over after one-off recipes. But at last I’ve got a plan!

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