It’s so sad


its-so-sadYou’re probably expecting this to be a post about the election. Wrong! Feel free to get your fill on that subject through social media and cable news. I’m certain you’ll be inundated.

Here on the JMD blog, we only discuss important things, such as what can cause the blue feeling suggested by today’s headline.

It’s getting cold. Much too soon. The next 10 days (and the previous two) all have lows in the 60’s…including some in the low 60’s!

That’s ridiculous! This is Florida, not some daft winter-weather suffering state way up north, like Georgia.

I am so close to getting those last few pounds off my midsection when all of a sudden I can’t comfortably take my morning walks.

How can I peacefully venture into the non-traffic filled early morning, working off pounds and clearing my mind of anything that might trouble it (say, for instance, a goofy election result – there, you happy now?) when it’s too nippy?

Sure, I can throw on a long-sleeve t-shirt, but I only have four of those. I’ll either wear them out in constant washing or have to shell out for a bunch more. All because somebody got the bright idea that it was time to drop the temperatures.

And the twisted sense of humor part is that by the end of the walk, I’m sweating it up because, it’s South Florida, which means it adds about 8 degrees in the first hour.

It’s very sad.

In an ironic twist, the long-sleeve shirt I wore this morning was solid black and the pair of walking shorts on top in the drawer was black and my regular hat I use for walking? Black.

Considering I must have looked like I was in mourning, perhaps this post was about the election after all.

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  1. Steve

    Have no fear. The onset of global warming will be accelerated thanks to Fearless Leader Drumpf! And you thought you could escape the election news!

    • JMD

      Very sneaky.

      You know down here, our brilliant Governor has ordered his staff not to even mention the phrase “Global Warming”.

      I assume one of his majesty’s first 100 days efforts will be to outlaw the phrase in all other states besides Florida.

      Hopefully, you will not have violated a law pre-retroactively.


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