It’s scary how fast time flies


The big birthday BBQ is in the rear view mirror and so, thoughts naturally turn to…Halloween. Well, natural for me, at least. Sure, you say, it’s barely mid-June. But, in truth, preparation for Halloween can never start too early. You see, it’s scary how fast time flies.

When I “upped my game” last year for the big Dead Thing show, I started work in late August. The display I envisioned made me rethink spatial requirements and supply needs. Between conversations with Home Depot employees and craft store raids, I managed to put on a truly spooktacular show.

And now, it’s time to up the game once again. I’m obligated to. The neighborhood demands it of me!

Yes, one day I will get to a point where I just don’t have enough driveway, house or imagination to up the game any further, but I think I’ve at least got a working plan for this year. You can see the plan up top, in its early stages.

Can you feel the chill?

The basic premise is this: it’s a sequel. Of sorts. Last year, a skeleton animal control officer was attempting to catch and cage all sorts of Dead Thing dogs and cats. At the same time, a skeleton Pied Piper was attracting all sorts of Dead Thing rats. Clearly, neither skeleton had good intentions for their respective Dead Things.

This year, I’m flipping the story. Since all the Dead Things are still around, obviously the skeletons failed in their efforts. That failure is going to cost them.

Because, boy are those Dead Things mad.

And they’re going to express their outrage on my front driveway. Thus is born the “Revenge of the Dead Things”, otherwise known as Jeffrey’s Thrilling 2018 Halloween Display.

Can I pull it off? Eh, who knows. I’ll get down to serious supply management and procurement next month. And that’s not even considering our annual battle with the tropics. But, as always, I have faith.

Beyond that, I am going to do a paradigm shift on the goody bags. Normally, I pack between 6 to 10 comics in their bags along with the toys and stuff.

All these are neatly boxed up now!

This year, rather than dig through all those comic boxes I spent so much time organizing (see one of the posts about it), I’m instead going to stuff the bags with trade paperbacks.

These monsters are collections of large runs of comics, in thick paperback form (for example, Fantastic Four 1-24). Most of these are expendable now because I’ve replaced them with more durable hardcover versions.

This may make some of the bags uncommonly heavy, especially for those teeny trick or treaters, but the upside for those little ones is that many of those trades are in black and white, which makes them perfect for conversion into coloring books.

So, yeah, I’m already bubbling about Halloween. The more I think about it, the more enthusiastic I get.

And, it’s just as well, really. October will be here all too soon. It’s scary how fast time flies!

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