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It’s the final day of “Writing Week” on the JMD blog and boy are you glad!

But not as glad as me!  Now, read on…

Seriously, like the title says, how difficult can it be?

The journey to complete the second book of my trilogy was very much akin to Jeremy’s travails within the story:  fraught with greater risk and greater difficulty.  Fortunately, it would appear we will both survive at least long enough for one more book.

That wasn’t always what I believed (I can’t speak for Jeremy, he’s rather busy right now).  There were times during the writing of “What Next?” that I truly wasn’t sure I could complete it.  Note, I said “could” and not “would”.  Literally, I just wasn’t sure I was going to be able to write the story.

It’s probably difficult for you to understand the distinction I’m trying to make.  I had the whole story for “What Next?” mapped out in my head.  Throughout my day, at various activities, I would be “scripting” the story.  Washing the dishes, I mapped out a particular danger and how it could be escaped.  Taking a shower, I dialogued an entire chapter between Jeremy and…sorry, can’t tell you.  Brushing my teeth, I figured out how Natalie guessed…uh, can’t tell you that either.

Basically, I knew the story.  But I just couldn’t seem to write it!  It was equal parts frustrating and frightening.  Maybe I was just a one-hit wonder.  Maybe after the “thrill” was gone, I couldn’t buckle down and “work” at writing.

They were some lean times, for sure, and I battled some serious self-doubt.  Yet today, having completed the last chapter, I feel the same thrill again.  Of accomplishment; of amazement; of enthusiasm.  It’s a wonderfully liberating feeling.

Now is the “step back” period.  I’ll do some other things for a week or so and then come back to the tale and read it front to back.  Some editing and rewriting are expected (and necessary).  But I can get started now on publishing preparation, marketing, cover design, even an update of the website.

“What Next?” Book 2 of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures is done.  It was tougher than “What If?”, but the journey is concluded.  I couldn’t be happier.  Hopefully, when you get a chance to read it, you’ll feel the same.

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