It’s not always good to Excel


excelI’ve spent a lot of time working on the planning, details and checking on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (GNABRT).  When you plan something this involved, it pays to give extra scrutiny to the minutiae.

That doesn’t always work well for others.

While I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a “master”, I’m at least an “advanced” user of Microsoft Excel.  I find it to be a flexible and useful tool for a bushel of activities, from advanced retirement tracking spreadsheets to, oh, let’s say, a 15,000 mile road trip.

Problem is, when I send a schedule like that to the people I will be visiting (if they let me), not everyone can view the worksheet.  Duh.

I recently sent everyone an update where I converted the sheet into pdf format (which should work for just about everyone).  Lesson learned.

Now, if only I had figured out that my email name needed to be changed within properties and not simply on my contact form, people might actually know the email is from me and not send it skidding to the spam folder.

Sigh.  Lesson learned a wee bit late.

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