It’s feasible!

Halloween planogram


Just returned from my brain session with Glen at Home Depot and the planogram for the Halloween driveway takeover is doable!

Based on in-stock materials, I can construct a “wall”, currently envisioned as 10′ x 4′, and then load that up with black mulch.

It should be a great back-breaker exercise, giving me renewed appreciation for landscapers and gardeners everywhere (as if my bi-monthly work on the front landscape didn’t already do that).



Basic construction components:

edgingEdging – these concrete-formed pieces are 16″ long, so I’ll need 3 on each side and 8 for the length of the Dead Thing pen (I’m going to skip putting a “back” to the area, since it will blend into #2 Tree area) . They also weigh 15 lbs. each, so that’s 240 lbs. of concrete, baby!

Using these should stand up to most normal South Florida elements (and if we get a hurricane, there will be a lot more to wring my hands about than my Halloween decor).

They’re typical bland concrete white, much more useful for my purposes than the other color (tan).

black-mulchBlack mulch – I’ll save you the trouble of calculating the math, that’s 40 cubic feet of “grazing area” needed. According to the bags of mulch, that would be 20 bags, but Glen suggested starting with 10 and adjusting from there.

Back-end problems exist: what do I do with 20-40 square feet of black mulch after Halloween?

These bags, depending on moisture, can weigh between 40-50 lbs. each. Even low-end, that’s another 400 lbs. Oh my poor little Subaru!

spray-paintSpray paint – while the ghastly whitish color of concrete has some appeal for Halloween, considering the Dead Thing pen will be filled with skeletal creatures, white is not right in this case.

Thus, we go to spray paint. Interestingly, black is available at a nominal price (HD has some for 97¢ a can). It’s gray that bites the wallet. Because gray is not a “color” it’s a “primer”. Sh’yeah, pull the other one.

Regardless, I’ll need to get a bunch of cans of both in order to give my edging a suitably ominous look. Save those newspapers!

While the entire load will be close to 700 lbs., I’m pretty sure I’ll need more than one trip, even emptying out my mostly empty trunk. This is not stuff you want to load into your leather interior car.

I’ve been through that process when I redid my front landscaping. Way more than two trips (those mulch bags take up beaucoup room).

Costwise, it’s fairly reasonable. Around $45 for the edging, $25 for the mulch. The spray paint may be the most costly, depending on how many cans are needed for the edging redo.

I don’t think I can get away with only doing one side of the edging, but if I use the cheap black as the full base and then “airbrush” (airspray?) the gray, maybe I can keep it within sanity.

Figure, conservatively, one can of black for each two edge stones (7 cans) and one can of gray highlights for each four (?) edge stones (4 cans) would come to roughly $25, if I can get that 97¢ paint.

All told, the Dead Thing pen would run less than $100.

Of course, then I have to buy the Dead Things. Let’s not discuss how much they will cost. That’s truly scary!

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