It’s coming from…inside the house!


A typical call between my Dad and I often starts off like this:

“Good Afternoon! Getting much rain today?”

“Hi Dad! Tons! How about you?”

“Not a drop.”

Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State, but don’t let that fool you, we get plenty of rain. Well, historically we do, though we have been in a multi-year low-rainfall period straining the natural environment (and the unnatural ones).

I get less affected by that than most as I am so close to the Everglades. Real close. As in, drive less than a mile west and humanity ends and the wetlands begin. My Dad is only 10 minutes east of me, but the difference is stark.

Even in our most drought-like periods, there are times of the year I simply can’t take my west walking path route or face the onslaught of all sorts of flying things, many of them that land and then bite.

Flash forward to this week. We’ve been in a near 24/7 rain unlike anything we’ve seen in quite some time. It’s comparable to a stalled tropical depression. Gusty winds and lots and lots of rain.

This has two impacts. The first is standing water, which, over a dismayingly short time, allows for the breeding of certain undesirable insects.

The second is that the rain drives many forms of natural, non-two legged creatures to seek dryer climes. That search frequently encourages them to invade homes.

Generally, my home is well shielded from bug incursions. Solid door sealings and appropriately spaced sprayings reduce likelihood of most crawly things.

Flying things, sadly, are more crafty.

Thus, over the last week or so, I have suffered multiple chews from those small winged insects pretty much universally disliked: mosquitoes.

I use the plural form because, given their purported short lifespans, I’ve received an awful lot of bites over many days.

Interestingly, most of them have occurred in my office, while typing at the ‘puter. It’s actually pretty shrewd on their part, as I cannot see them, only feel them. Thus they can feast without fear of swatting.

That fear might be unwarranted in any case, as recently I saw one of the little buggers and attempted to slap him dead. Apparently my advanced age has slowed my bug-killing powers. Forget about impressing Mr. Miyagi, my speed wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Finally, I got one yesterday. I haven’t had a bite since then, but it’s only a matter of time before one sneaks in the front door again and then I will have that sweaty, scary feeling that some doom is soon to befall me.

And it’s coming from inside the house!

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