It’s back, baby!


After nearly a two-year vacation, the beard is back!

Well, okay, probably still a couple of weeks before it can be called a full beard, as I’m just passing stubble phase right now, but, yeah, it’s on its way.

First off, let’s remind you, I don’t do stubble, as I briefly point out here. That post also mentions my former tendency to shave off my beard around my birthday. Now, I’m using reverse logic.

Thought the decision to return to hairiness is simply a stylistic one, there is an added benefit when I shortly return to the beach – added protection against the sun as I face east into the morning rays.

Sure, it’s not much, but anything I can do to frustrate my dermatologist is a plus in my book!

Now that I’m armed with the new electric razor, I’ll only have that tiresome trimming issue, compounded by my (still) kinky, curly hair. Alas that the top of my head no longer has that problem.

As usual, how long I remain “The Bearded One” is a factor of my patience in trimming and annoyance with certain foods (think barbecue ribs and corn on the cob).

And, no, I don’t plan on growing Gandalf’s beard, but I’ll make a deal: grow all that hair back on top of my head and I’ll give the wizard beard a run.

Talk about something magical to post under the headline, “It’s back!”

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