It wasn’t reading the book that left me cold…


reading in cold…it was the cold that left me reading the book.

My antipathy towards cold cannot be overstated or too oft repeated.

I have attempted to distill it to a single sentence that I offer to any and everyone who asks: “I put on a sweater to open the refrigerator.”

While it is not quite to that extreme, it is a surprisingly near thing, so I find the description apt. A little chuckle with your honesty, if you will.

Thus, when South Florida fell prey to the same weather tyranny gripping the rest of the East coast, it created an environment that, for me, best served opening the door only to dash out to grab the morning paper and then back inside to shake off the inevitable chills.

Unlike being cooped up due to sickness (where there is a tendency not to want to do anything), I found myself starved for time consumption. Also, unlike many of my peers, I don’t find much to interest me in “binge watching” through the streaming services.

I do, however, have lots of books. Lots and lots, actually, as described previously. The cold that my house (mostly) protected me from provided me an undeniable benefit: an extended period with a lot of books and a lot of time.

As this weather looks to continue for at least another week, it appears I should be able to get a jump on my “reading challenge” for the year.

Of course, that also depends on a couple of other factors, which we’ll discuss in the next few blogs this week.

In the interim, after this short break, I’ll pop back to my reading chair (in jeans and long sleeve shirt) and continue the book that the cold weather left me to read.

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