It was a dark and stormy night…


…all too often, actually.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but here in Florida we battle rainy weather every Halloween.

A few days ago, as I was putting up some more decorations outside the house, some of the local kids stopped by to talk to me about Halloween (which is what you woud kind of expect local kids to stop by and talk to me about).  During the conversation, one of the kids said he hoped it wouldn’t rain this year and another responded by saying it always rained on Halloween.

I wouldn’t say it was 100%, but it’s well into above the 80% range, at least over the last decade.  While some might think I’m annoyed by how much the rain damages my decorations (the webs are particularly susceptible to the water). it’s really my disappointment on how few kids wll be able or allowed to brave the weather to go trick or treating.

Generally, if it’s just a regular rain or drizzle, everyone is still going to turn out.  Halloween is a unique holiday with nothing even close to it on any other day of the year.  However, here n Florida, we consistently get late Summer/Fall storms, complete with thunder and lightning, that tend to make most parents think twice about going out with the kids, let alone sending them off on their own.

And though the hurricane season officially ends in mid-November, October has historically been a bad month for landfall storms.  Case in point, a few years ago Wilma came through South Florida about 10 days before Halloween.  Trees, power lines and roofs were down everywhere.  While there was some recovery by Halloween, most places cancelled any parties or celebrations (some areas still didn’t have power).  I almost had my last company convinced to hold a Halloween trick or treat in one of the buildings on campus for the employees, but at the last minute the idea was nixed as too dangerous.

As if to underline my point, as I type this, a terrible thunderstorm is dumping large quantities of rain.  Rumbles of thunder suggest a big storm that may last a while.  The forecast calls for clearing skies…after midnight.  I can only hope the kids get some window to get out and canvas the homes and show off their costumes.

Whatever the weather, I’ll be ready.  I’ve been surprisd before by how many kids still manage to knock on my door regardless of the bad weather (my famous goody bags may have something to do with that).  Surprised I may be, but unprepared?  Never!

If they can trick their way to my home, I’m ready to treat them to a fun Halloween.

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