It takes more than good material


I’ve got some great blog post ideas. I had all of them yesterday, too, when I decided not to post. And, I’ll still have them tomorrow, when I’m finished with this “post”. Because, it takes more than good material.

Yes, some distractions came up yesterday. No, none of them are really why there isn’t a post for Monday. That problem resides solely with me. Or, more precisely, my lack of motivation (let’s call that, “meh”).

My “mehness” is not especially attributable to anything. Normally, when I have good material, I jump to my blog with enthusiastic fingers. Alas, so far this week, that has not been the case.

So, here’s what you get today. Short. Sweet. And senseless. A post about not posting.

Funny thing, in times past, the day of no posting was not because it takes more than good material. Usually, it was a lack of ideas (as in, no material or no good material – don’t get me started on the quantity of bad material I’ve imagined) that created a “no post” day.

Or, more dreaded, the “post about no post” day. Let me see if I can dig one up for you. Oh, yeah, here’s one. Try this one out and tell me that doesn’t sound familiar.

That was not worth the reading was it? Sounds somewhat like today. Excuses? Explanations? Bah. My mehness has left you with nothing for your effort of clicking this site.

So, I’m cutting it short. I’ll stop wasting your time. Check back tomorrow to begin reading some of those great ideas that are sure to entertain you.

Because, I’m not posting anything today, despite having them in my hip pocket. The only thing you get today is the knowledge that it takes more than good material.

It takes some motivation, too.

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