It just became real


Regular readers know how big a month this is for me. Recently, I laid out my indecision on when to start the (expected to be) laborious process of creating the Dead Thing Driveway.

Well, that decision has now been sort of, kinda made for me. Although friends and family are the cause, they are not the blame. That rests solely on me.

This past weekend, I sent out the inevitable Halloween BBQ invite email. It gets sent roughly one month prior to the actual BBQ (with a follow-up reminder a week before the date). In the email, I lay out the proposed menu choices, time and day and include a map (for those people who only visit me once or twice a year – ostensibly to eat my food).

The email is like the first songbird of Spring or Phil poking his head out of the ground – it signifies the undeniable coming of “that which can no longer be ignored”.

So, considering the ample time I will need to set up, evaluate and adjust as necessary my Halloween display, I have officially set the beginning of the process for this coming Monday, October 9th.

Despite a rude reminder swiftly forming in the gulf (though not expected to come near us), I have to push all thoughts of spinny weather patterns to the crossed fingers section of my mind and focus on the big picture – scaring/entertaining trick or treaters.

Assuming current weather conditions (full days of rain interspersed with partial wet days), I expect it will take 3-5 days to set up both sides. At that point, I can order additional Dead Things as needed while getting a fair reading on how the display holds up to standard “fall” Florida weather.

If all goes well, the following week I can add the graveyard, fence gang and supplementary lighting and still have a little time for “trimmings” before I go into full BBQ prep mode (lots of cleaning, shopping and cooking).

It’s been a chaotic year, strictly speaking for weather, so holding to hope for three weeks of moderation is a stretch, but such is the place I find myself every October.

Because Halloween is coming, tropics or not, and that means my preparation for Halloween 2017 just became real.

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