It all comes down to this


The preparations. The planning. The building. The sweat. The aches and pains. Yep, whether it’s all worth it or not is probably more personal than anything. But, for an external measure, it all comes down to this.

Not yet perfectly ready

Believe it or not.

I look at the display and I think, hmm, maybe one more string of red lights here.

Also, there’s the fog machine. I have to unpack and test it. My old one died last year, so I have a new, more compact version this year. I plan on placing it among the tombstones and seeing how that looks.

Cautiously optimistic

The other big deliberation today is goody bags. Did I make enough? Should I make more?

It’s one thing to look at the awesome display and think that more people will show up tonight. It’s another thing entirely to imagine birth rates are impacted by my Halloween decorations.

I am always nervous about my goody bag count. Too many, and I have so much to pack up and store. Too few and there is a catastrophe of a sad trick or treater.

Really, when it comes to bags, I do my best, based on prior years. I have a little leeway in that I have some extra goodies that I could cobble together a spare bag or two, in an emergency shortage.

When to open and when to close

The former is totally out of my control. Some years, the knocks on the door don’t come until very late. Other times, it’s not even sunset. I just have to be ready and go with the flow.

Usually, around mid-afternoon, I begin dragging all the goody bags to the front hall, taking care to group them by the specific categories (young boy, young girl, old boy, old girl).

No matter what time they show, I’m usually ready to go.

It all comes down to this

A last debate is whether to turn on the front door light. It’s motion activated, so it won’t trigger until they start up the driveway.

But, it’s super bright. Like blazing. Will it spoil the effect? Dim the mood?

On the other hand, without it, will the kiddies see where to walk? Even with the path lights?

That call may depend on the previous section – when they start showing up.

Bottom line, though, the time is now. It’s H-day. And it all comes down to this.

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