It ain’t Christmas!


Frankie at nightEighteen years.

That’s how long I’ve been doing this.

Halloween is different from Christmas in many ways and not just the obvious nature of the holiday.

The differences for me are significant.  While both holidays require consideration of what gifts to give, Halloween is the one where I’m giving gifts to people I don’t know.  That’s actually quite a bit harder than family and friends.

Beyond the making of my age-appropriate goody bags, there is also the decorating and the cooking.

I’m betting there aren’t that many Christmas dinners that are BBQ’s.  Which means the setting up for extra guests is a lot more organized and localized than spread through the dining room, living room and patio.  And the cooking tends to be done when it’s done and less on the fly.  I should try that someday.

As for the decorating, well, there are some wonderful homes decked out for Christmas with great lights and figures and displays.  I know; riding past them at night during Christmastime when we were kids was fun.  And they stayed up at least until New Year’s Day (if not longer).

Halloween, you get the same amount of enthusiasm about displays and lights, but it’s a rare thing when anyone leaves them up more than a day or two after Halloween.  It’s a very specialized holiday.  That’s a lot of effort for essentially one day (maybe a week, if you set up early).

So, making nearly a hundred goody bags, cooking up a storm in the house and outside and decorating in the house and outside all so you can pack everything up a day later?

Yeah, that ain’t Christmas, for sure.  But doing it for eighteen years must mean I love it all the same!

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