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clever headlineDuring my time in advertising, most of my effort in print was spent trying to come up with the “hook”; that catchy headline that would grab the potential customer.

It’s really all in the headline, when it comes to print, be it billboards, magazines, newspapers or, now, web banners.

You can get away with pigs leaning out of cars or twenty-somethings in skimpy bathing suits on video, but a static image of the same?  Boring.  Grab ’em with the headline and the picture at best comes alive and at worst becomes irrelevant.

Which means, after 600+ posts on my site, I have to work even harder not only to come up with something different to write about but also be original with the headline.

My greatest advantage is that the blog has always been set up to be a personal “thought space”.  I chose the name “Ramblings” specifically to communicate that anything could flow through this blog.

Traditionally, independent authors use their blogs to help promote their books (and some also help other indies).  Thus, their posts are often within a narrower focus and appeal to a specific target audience (readers, hopefully).

My blog appeals to no one.  No, really.  I’ve never expected it to.  Occasionally, I will write a blog post that trips someone’s interest and that particular post will gain a wider audience, but the blog itself doesn’t gain a significant following.

Which means that all those headlines are really an exercise of creativity…a personal challenge to myself to see if I can continue to come up with something unique every time (excluding “themed” weeks, like my road trip series, which use a recurring word or phrase).

They aren’t all witty or clever.  Sometimes they’re purely descriptive (or even deceptive), but I sure hope that all 600+ of them have been different.


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