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It’s been a while since I did a theme week. Frankly, I’m tired of politics and general rambling. So, I think it’s high time to bring another one to the blog. Recent events are stirring my creative juices (more on that in Friday’s post). Therefore, without further ado, I present “Creative Week”. The first installment is, naturally, “In the beginning”.

For regular readers, it’s no secret how I got started in life, in general, and creative arts, specifically. Comic books!

I was reading pretty much before I was able to read. Comics have a unique combination of words and art unrivaled by any other medium. Cartoons are fun, but the art is simplistic and the voices and music take the place of imagination.

At my earliest chance, scribbling began. Scribbling turned to doodling and that eventually turned into some semblance of drawing. At least, that’s what my family always said.

No artistic savant was I. Nope. Not a prodigy, either. Just a kid who looked at drawings and pictures and thought, “Cool!” Trying to do them myself was a huge challenge.

Funny, but back then, I was never disappointed in my art. I just loved doing it. Not until I got “good” at art did it bother me how bad I was.

But, I digress. In the beginning, I drew what I knew. And what I liked. Since fishing captured both of those, a lot of my early drawings were of fish. I even “signed” my drawings. How cute was I back then?

Of course, the other thing I knew very well was comic books, so it was also a very natural thing to expect me to be drawing superheroes.

As you will see, most of my art is predominantly in pencil on paper. I did some ink work along the way and experimented with markers, but pencil is where I am most comfortable.

So, fish and superheroes. Everywhere. On my notes. In my workbooks. All over my notebook paper (and, sometimes, my homework). Really, I was just drawing up a storm.

And, sure, occasionally I drifted off onto a different topic. For example, this little ditty, from a series I did on notebook paper. I’m thinking maybe it was a high school assignment. What class might have allowed me to do that, I am not able to recall. Maybe I don’t want to…

But, that was me in the beginning, drawing everywhere I could on subjects I found interesting. My art skills were (clearly) substandard and I really would benefit from an art class.

Alas, that wouldn’t happen until I got to college. But, that’s a tale for another day. Specifically, tomorrow. Where I take you from “in the beginning” to “have art will travel”.

And, yes, you will have to suffer more examples of my artistic talents, such as they were and are.

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