In dire need of some local knowledge

In dire need of some local knowledge to help me plan out my next big road trip for my roundy birthday this year.

A week is gone in January and I’m not even started on my big roundy birthday road trip. The problem is, there are just too many places to go see. That’s why I’m in dire need of some local knowledge.

In dire need of completing the GNABRT

One thing that has to get done is the sole place missed on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip. The GNABRT was my last big road trip for my double nickel birthday back in 2015.

And though I tried to get up there, somehow I missed getting to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I know, right? An entire trip based on baseball and I didn’t go to the Hall of Fame.

So, though it’s wayyy up there, part of my next trip will have to include New York state (Cooperstown, specifically).

But, outside of that one requirement, all other options are open.

No need for the tight scheduling

The GNABRT was a nightmare of planning. Hit this city at such and such a day in time to catch the ballgame and then – zoom! – off to another city.

I was surprised I got as many opportunities to take some time to see things and visit people. It was quite the whirlwind.

This time, there should be no time constraints or schedules to keep. I can make it as leisurely or hectic as I choose.

Some examples of local knowledge

So, what do I mean by local knowledge? How about I give you a couple of examples.

When I stopped in Iowa, just to visit with a friend (there is no major league baseball team in Iowa), she took me to some places I had not considered or, in one case, even heard of.

We visited the site for the Field of Dreams movie, the baseball field cut into a corn field, which they keep up to this day. And we also went to see the world’s largest frying pan (turns out it is only the 3rd largest, but I didn’t know that at the time and it is still impressive).

On another visit, this time to Wisconsin (yes, there is a team there, the Brewers, but I was also visiting a friend), and she took me to see Wingspread, a large home built by Frank Lloyd Wright for one of the famous Johnson (of S.C. Johnson fame) clan. And we also went to the Mars Cheese castle.

Parks and recreation

So, sure, I’m going to hit some national parks and some halls of fame (beyond just baseball). But, here’s where that local knowledge comes in.

What about your state parks? Any of those that don’t get the “press” but would be a cool stop?

How about your local version of frying pans or cheese castles? What ideas do you have that would be unique or different. Remember, they may seem familiar to you, but I haven’t been there yet.

In dire need of some local knowledge

I could really use some ideas. I’m kind of hoping for a bit of a kick-start on planning the trip. Other than the depressingly far away Baseball HoF, I’ve got no driving urges (that’s either a pun or a double meaning…or both).

One caveat: I’m going to leave off the left coast this time. That extra 3,000 miles each way just ends up being too much on me as a solo driver. I think a flight and rental car makes more sense for future west coast visits.

But, if you draw a line north-south from say, Texas, all that area east is fair game. I’m guessing this trip is (hopefully) going to be less than half the miles of the last one (which would still put it in the 7,000-8,000 mile range).

What could really help me out are some ideas on spots to go see. That’s why I’m in dire need of some local knowledge.

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