I’m trying to become a Republican



I have so much more fun on other topics. I’m betting you even have more fun when I post other topics (though probably not as often as me). But these insane situations keep pushing me back into political posts.

I wish I could become a Republican. They seem to have it so easy. Bad audio tape? “We’re focused on our agenda” Bad rally comment? “We’re focused on our agenda” Bad hiring and firing of an NSA chief? “We’re focused on our agenda” Bad tweet? “We’re focused on our agenda”

Bad release of classified information endangering lives and our national security? “We’re focused on our agenda”

It must be so nice to have no responsibility to comment or act on mistakes, let alone threats, posed by sloppy actions on the part of an inexperienced president.

Oh, wait, aren’t those 535 guys and gals (290 of them Republican) also in charge of the safety and security of the American people. And, wait again, don’t they actually work for us? We kinda pay their salaries, don’t we?

So, maybe, perhaps, if possible, could some of them come out of their cowardly shells or get off their very high fences and stand up for America instead of cravenly refusing to comment in fear of weakening their political agenda.

I’m not screaming impeachment. I’m screaming remedial education.

Don’t give me that “outsider” nonsense. I can be an outsider becoming the CEO of an oil company, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to learn the business to operate it successfully.

If no one inside the president’s circle will tell him he’s wrong, it falls upon the other branches of government to do so. And since his supporters have been bamboozled into believing all Democrats and media are liars, that means the Republicans need to step up.

It means, what good is tax policy and infrastructure if we invalidate sources and methods outside our borders that provide us with the intelligence to keep us safe?

Put in personal terms, if someone you know betrays your confidence, how likely are you ever to trust that person with a secret again? How soon, if that?

Trump only listens to his fanatical base and to himself. In order to reach the base, the Republican party needs to speak up and speak out.

Of course, they could just focus on their agenda. It’s simple, selfish and low-stress. It’s a compelling reason why I might try to become a Republican.

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