I’m too slow for fast food


slow fast foodAs I was washing dishes this afternoon, I was thinking about what I was going to prepare for dinner tonight. I settled on dry rubbing some boneless pork chops and steaming some broccoli.

Considering the various cooking times involved afforded me a wide variety of choices precluded by eating at a fast food place (for instance, while the chops were cooking, I could leisurely eat a salad).

It occurred to me that fast food was not just the description of how quickly you received it, but also how fast you needed to eat it.

Case in point, I had lunch with my friend at Five Guys earlier in the week. I ordered a little hamburger, a little fries and a little drink. I can’t speak for others, but each item is more ample than just a “little”.

In addition, they have peanuts in the shell there and I do likes me some peanuts in the shell.

Here’s the problem I have with fast food: outside of subs, there’s almost no chance to eat everything fast enough before it gets cold. At least not for me.

While I’m home, I can cook up a burger (or reheat a previously frozen one) and bake some french fries at the same time, but the cooking times vary to allow me to eat both while they’re piping hot.

In the case of a fast food hamburger place, I will almost always eat the fries first because they suffer the most from cooling down (not to mention the taste meter goes quickly to zero on cool/cold fries). That means the burger only might be hot when I eat it. Meh.

The above is magnified in South Florida, where all the restaurants (fast and slow) run their A/C on “sub polar”, meaning that food is already getting refrigerated at your table.

Now, I’m sure there are those people who can devour their entire fast food meal while everything is still hot, but that makes the place doubly unhealthy. Eating food that fast has many negatives, from digestion to increasing your ability to eat more before your hunger quiets.

So, it’s a mixed blessing, I guess, that I’m too slow to eat fast food.

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