I’m thankful for self-indulgence


self indulgenceI’ve mentioned many times that my blog is, basically, an act of total self-indulgence.

The website is ostensibly to inform and promote my books, giving people a chance to read a few chapters of each and providing links for purchase. In fact, all of the website is about the books.

Except my blog.

To that end, I bring forth my annual list of things I’m thankful for. It has no bearing on my books (at least directly) and may indeed have no interest to you, my faithful occasional readers, but it is entirely in keeping with the core principle of my blog.

So then, to work:

– I’m thankful for my Dad’s enormous sense of humor. It has influenced my own mirthful view of the world and is of such richness that no one who meets him could ever imagine him being on the back side of 80.

– I’m thankful for my frugality and utility. While others could pejoratively describe it as being cheap and stubborn, I view it as getting the greatest value for the longest time out of things I own (or receive). I can also content myself it is a large reason I am retired well before my time.

– I am thankful that when I purchased new shorts earlier this year not all of them were 30 waist. Since that earlier time, I seem to have expanded in exactly the wrong area to wear that waist size. I suppose I should be partially thankful that with a big inhale, I can still wear those shorts (thus playing into point two above).

– I am thankful for the internet, without which I would surely have more health care costs. Simply from all that missed outdoor activity I have likely saved myself from sports injuries and further escapades at the dermatologist’s office.

– I am thankful for my high cholesterol. Because it’s not “dangerously high” cholesterol, I can still have my ice cream and Borden’s Dutch Chocolate milk. Yeah, I suppose I really can’t, but until the doctor says I need a pill, that’s my story.

– I’m thankful for books. Real books, the ones that are printed and bound. I don’t know how much longer they will last, but they are so much more fun than a thin electronic screen.

– I’m thankful for hardworking people. People that try to and want to do a good job. Just recently I’ve had the pleasure of great service from a plumber, patio screen repairmen, cable customer service reps and my faithful paper delivery person, who always double bags my newspaper.

– I’m thankful that my nationally famous macaroni and cheese is still a top request from my nieces every Thanksgiving (especially my vegetarian younger niece). It’s good to at least cook up a monstrous cholesterol stew, even if not for myself.

– I’m thankful I came up with this topic to blog about since I’ve been drawing blanks for a few days.

Happy Thanksgiving to my faithful occasional readers and to your families!

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