I’m out of shape…for TV


tv shapeA couple of weeks ago, Comcast and I finally came up with a package we could agree on to resume my television service.  Basically, I get all my HD channels, HBO, a DVR and their new X1 platform for $20 more a month than I’m paying simply for internet and they get a 2-year commitment.

Considering the sports alone (World Series, Football and Basketball just starting), I figured it was worth re-signing.  This weekend, however, brought up a serious drawback with the plan – I’m out of TV shape.

After spending time with U.S. Open tennis and my Florida Gators across two days, Sunday set up for an interesting marathon.

The Dolphins were playing their first game of the regular season and the men’s final of the U.S. Open was slated to start right after the game finished.  That’s where the problems began.

Rain bedeviled the Open final and it was delayed three hours.  Instead of (smartly) taking a break between the events, I popped up an On Demand movie (Birdman) and spent two of those hours in front of the big screen.

By the time I finished the night, I had a stiff neck and a pounding headache.  It’s possible one led to the other, but I’m not entirely sure which was the cart and which the horse.

Among the conclusions I’ve drawn:

– My posture sucks.  I could state it more prosaically, but that’s the gist.  I’m absolutely certain my posture is what caused me the aches (and some pains).  I’ve probably not suffered from it before because, without TV, I’ve only sat long enough for a regular movie, not the 8 hours or so from yesterday.

– My glasses suck.  They’re fine for what they are, progressive lenses meant for transitioning from distance to close, but for extended periods of same-state viewing, they likely contributed to my tired eyes and eventual headache.  In the past, I had a pair of distance-only glasses that I would use exclusively for movies and TV.  I didn’t get a new pair when I got my prescription changed recently.  I’ll need to correct that on my annual visit at the end of the year.

– My internal clock sucks.  I’ve been so regular in my sleeping and waking schedule for the last couple of years (GNABRT notwithstanding), that when I extend myself significantly past that point, especially endless hours of staring at the TV screen, I push myself past the point of physical comfort.

While I don’t plan on another marathon TV excursion anytime soon, it’s clear I need to “work out” with the TV more to get myself back into shape.  Considering I’ve got this plan for two years, there’s no better time to start than now.

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