I’m not preaching…


im-not-preaching…I’m just having a conversation here!

A thought burbled up while I was shaving the other day, “I wonder if people think I’m being preachy in some of my posts?”

If you’re wondering why I would be thinking that instead of concentrating on the dangerously sharp piece of metal angled precariously near my carotid artery, well, I’ll tell you.

First, I’ve had many burbling thoughts before while shaving and not yet managed to slice open a major artery. Second, shaving is a routine, it’s hard not to think of something else while performing the task.

Also, I was shaving with my new electric razor, so there’s that.

So, danger mitigated, back to the original burble (an homage to The Cheap Detective). Am I preachy?

During my years in Corporate America, I was frequently presented with evidence of the dangers of the written word. Perception of the receiver is a key component in how to write effectively without misconstruing your point.

Sometimes it was my own correspondence, other times it was coworkers’. Like missed jokes, though, once you have to explain something, you’ve already lost.

I know the same goes with my blog posts. I write for myself and hopefully some of the time my readers enjoy them.

The problem, if there is one, comes from the fact that I am a thoughtful man. Not thoughtful as in polite and generous (although I like to think there’s a decent amount of that in me), but thoughtful as in pondering and wondering and discussing.

Of course, since I am a part-time hermit, those “discussions” often take place in cyberspace…right in front of you.

When I wax on about the nature of society or how I believe people are much better than they themselves believe, I’m not imagining myself behind a wooden podium in front of a line of benches.

What I think of myself doing is opening a discussion. Granted, you may not be that interested in the discussion and not join in, but I never feel that my opinion is of greater value than anyone else’s.

Now knowledge, that’s another thing. I’m sure there are subjects (like comic books and South Florida) that I can speak in greater detail than some of my readers (and the reverse is true). But greater value? Nah.

And if my opinions don’t hold any greater value than yours, I can’t be preaching to you.

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