I’m not oblivious


There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world. Really, when isn’t there?

In the moment, it tends to feel as if there’s never been a time like this. Unless you count the time before or the time yet to come.

And still, it doesn’t stop pictures of pets or food being posted on Facebook or celebrity updates or sports memes. The people of the world do their best to continue their regular lives, full well knowing irregular events will likely interrupt them.

So, those events just get woven into the tapestry. They get talked about and then people move on, because their regular lives demand it. Unlike cable news, most people can’t take days or weeks to dwell on a single subject for they have too many other responsibilities of a more immediate nature.

That’s not quite the way it is with my blog, but it sums up my general view of it.

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for not posting over and over about the issues of the day. Then rationality swiftly returns.

It’s not as if I have any special quality that makes my opinions more urgent to be aired to the public. Even were it so, I don’t have a pulpit or talk show with a constant and expectant audience to espouse those views.

My readership is small. Intimate, in a sense. They (and myself) are less fascinated by my take on world events than on me offering some sort of entertaining read.

I’m not saying my comments on world events don’t necessarily present an interesting read, but it’s more supportable that it’s in the variety of what I post that readers (and myself) find entertainment.

Which brings me back to our headline. If I move on from the seriousness of mass shootings, natural disasters and local rocker death (I’m a University of Florida boy, after all), it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring the issues. It only means I don’t believe I have anything interesting or entertaining to add to the conversation.

I’m not oblivious, I’m simply following a Monty Python mantra: “And now for something completely different.”

2 Responses to “I’m not oblivious”

  1. Eric


    As always; I find you an interesting blogger. Most of the time we agree on things, but it is the times that we don’t that I appreciate you most.

    Diversity is a wonderful thing when it isn’t crammed down your throat. Opinions and issues should be aired and then people can make an informed decision on where they stand.

    There are good, and great, people on both sides of the majority political spectrum who have widely ranging views on most every topic.

    I appreciate the earnestness with which you approach every topic of your blog and oftentimes find myself agreeing with you far more than I disagree with you.

    Thanks for your thoughtful insights on the subject and also for not pouring gasoline on an already raging fire.

    • JMD

      I try to go out of my way not be the “I’m right, you’re not” guy. Yes, I have my views, some of them strongly set, but I acknowledge I can only view the world through my own frame of experience.

      Common decency and courtesy require me to allow for people to disagree with me. That some can do it fairly and reasonably is the most rewarding response I can receive.

      Plus, my ego is so small that any compliment gets you on my good side.


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