I’m a 10…again


Missed it by that much.

I strongly pursue a policy of making as few goals as possible for the year. I find that goal setting and, more frequently, goal accomplishing tends to get in the way of my stress-free (read: lazy) existence.

Note: you get to make statements like that – guilt-free – after you retire.

One goal I did set for last year was to return to walking 10 miles a day. This was something I had achieved prior to my GNABRT in mid 2015.

To be honest, I didn’t really come close to meeting this goal until late December (last month). And then, well, here’s a brief study in Murphy.

I pushed right past my mental block on Christmas Eve day and shot up to 7 miles.

On track, I hit 8 miles Christmas Day. Merry back atcha.

I took the next day off in favor of hitting the local Wal-Mart for 50% off Christmas stuff before the madhouse of gift card and exchange people came in.

Only one week to go, but still, plenty of time.

Except, rain on Tuesday.

Wednesday was a 9-miler. Looking good.

Thursday, rain again (after two months of almost nothing).

Friday was supposed to be working with my Sister in the a.m., but she canceled (too late for walking).

Saturday was cold. I waited as late as I could but also had lunch plans with the family, so I only got 5 miles in. I figured I would walk another five when I got back (not technically the same thing, I know; don’t pester me).

Of course, the visit lasted hours longer than expected (including solving another desktop issue for Dad).

Sunday. Well, it was the day after New Year’s Eve. Despite my boring lifestyle, I do stay up to greet the new year (which makes getting up the next morning and walking 10 miles…meh).

Monday…oh gosh, that’s today. Monday was “yeah baby!”

So, sure, I missed it by 2 days, but goal accomplished. Next focus is to get back my walking speed. I want to hit the base “fast walking” pace, which is 4 mph. That means 2 ½ hours for 10 miles.

I asked Siri the time when I was rounding the bend on my first lap and I realized I had already taken 1 ½ just for 5 miles. Interestingly, I managed to shave 15 minutes off that on the second 5 miles, so, yeah, not too bad at 2:45.

Of course, walking 10 miles once is like doing aerobics once or having sex once. You need to perform the act repeatedly to enjoy the full benefits (as if I would know).

Still, on this day, at this moment, I’m a 10.

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