I’m #1!


#1A funny thing happened when I was reviewing all the product information out there on my books.  “What Now?” was finally up on Amazon and authors generally have to manually add information to the listings to make them complete.

The process is easy enough to access that I decided to check out the first two books and make sure they were all fine and dandy.  Interestingly, as I was researching the editions, I came across an Amazon report saying that “What if?” was #96 in sales.

Impressive, eh?  Especially since only 1 copy sold last week before I pulled it off the market.  The trick?  It was highly ranked in the sub-category “coming 0f age”.

I have seen authors trumpet their books as best sellers in their categories.  I figure this is how that happens.  From a PR standpoint, I could see the accurate, if slightly misleading, truth to those claims.  In fact, I could see a real “market” for finding unique sub-categories or niches to place a book under that would almost guarantee a high-ranking with modest sales.

My second and third books were released with more general categories, so I won’t see a repeat of the ranking surprise.  Still, it was nice while it lasted.  I wonder if I had looked early enough in the day whether the book made it into the top ten or, dare I say it, even number one!

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