Ignorance is arrogance


In a world where there are no absolutes (don’t give me death and taxes, I could argue both of them), there is actually one thing every person on earth absolutely has:  an opinion.

Oh sure, it may not be a strong one or a convicted one or even an important one, but it’s for darn sure that everyone has (at least) one.  The most powerful opinion, however, is the uninformed one.

The most strident, emotionally charged and absolute certain opinion is most often that which is totally without knowledge or support.  Think on this for a moment and you’ll see the truth.

When a person voices an opinion on something they know little of, they are speaking without concern for facts or experience.  When you throw away the need to validate your opinion, why, it’s quite easy to stand up on a platform and shout it out to anyone who will listen.  It’s even more pronounced when the person knows nothing of the subject in question.

This has become more prevalent in our so-called “information age”, or as I like to refer to it, the “hearsay age”.  Given a blog, article, headline, video, text or tweet, a person now has the ability to gain a piece of information without giving any thought to its legitimacy (or motive).  Then, with a fiery leap, the person takes this small kernel and forms a doctrine around it.

Most often, this translates into inconsequential nothings on subjects few have any interest.  Occasionally, it branches out into more celebrated or sensitive subjects, often coming into conflict with opposing opinions (some of which could actually be informed).

Employers of this form of arrogant ignorance tend to react incredulously or angrily to the disputing of their opinions, especially in the face of facts.  Despite no research to their own support, they will mock or attack the opposing viewpoint, since defending their own is impossible without any actual knowledge behind the opinion.

Now that we’re in an election year, we will see an increased occurrence of this type of behavior.  It is ironic that now, in an age where information is more accessible than ever before in human history, so few make the effort to examine the positions they support on issues that have direct and dire impact on their lives and their futures.

How do I know this?  It’s obvious!  You must be a doofus not to see the truth.

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