If you’ll just let me explain…


When I was young, not tiny, mind you, but young (probably late single/early double digits), my Dad saw a horror movie that he stole a line from and used constantly on me and my sister.

As near as I can reconstruct his description, there was this guy in a hospital bed and every time he woke up  he was missing a different limb. Each time, the doctor would lean over, place his hand on his shoulder and say, “If’ you’ll just let me explain…”

At least that’s how I remember his description.

Digression – if any of you out there know or recall this movie, please post me a comment!

For the longest time, he would reach over to one of us and, in a stentorian voice, say, “If you’ll just let me explain…” Sometimes it would make sense and sometimes he just did it to annoy us.

And people wonder where my sense of “humor” comes from…

Anyhow, now Dad is living a true horror movie, as he is one of those people who are viscerally repulsed by our new President. Beyond Dad’s more liberal political leanings, he dislikes everything about Mr. Trump beyond simply him being president.

While my own distaste for Mr. Trump is not nearly as gut-wrenching, I am also dismayed by him somehow being the choice of so many Americans.

Still, I committed to acknowledging he is the President and have been trying to give him a chance to show some form of leadership that I recognize is in the best interests of all Americans.

He has been testing my resolve and I have watched with growing unease the unfortunate convolutions (corruption?) of the people who signed on with him to attempt to govern the nation.

I’m not sure this is what they imagined they signed on for, but a reasonable, rational person should have been able to predict this. Leopards and spots, you know?

Nothing symbolizes this dilemma more than the painful press briefings provided by Sean Spicer. I feel, if not soon, then certainly after Trump’s term is passed, he should join Cirque du Soleil.

As Mr. Trump consistently shrinks the prestige of the office of the president, so is Spicer forced to demean the role of the press secretary.

Complete and total honesty cannot be expected from that position, based on national security issues. Within all other aspects, the press secretary is responsible for informing America’s press, and thus its people (who are the President and his administration’s employers) the most accurate information about what the Executive branch is doing to make our lives better.

One of the core supports of honest interactions with the government is consistency. Another is dependability. Neither of these has been in good supply since January 21st.

The most recent travesty, an unsupported accusation of a felony crime of the former president by the current one, has been a study in gymnastics.

Suddenly, the president kept his mouth shut. The realization of the severity of what he had done may have finally, as with no other blather, been enough to silence him.

That left his support group, and most visibly his press secretary, the job of trying to defuse a situation that smacked of slander and recklessness. Potentially horrifying characteristics in the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

Far from being funny, Mr. Spicer’s use of “air quotes” in one of his bone-defying twists, was about as low as it can go. Can we not trust what comes out of the president’s mouth (or fingers)?

I am reminded of the old saw: “A person who cannot say what they mean cannot mean what they say.”

Perhaps my Dad has it right. Maybe this truly is a horror movie. Each time Mr. Trump pulls one of his thoughtless stunts, America metaphorically loses another limb – respect, credibility, dependability.

What’s next and what’s left? And after the inevitable future firestorm, what will be Mr. Spicer’s translation of the occurrence be?

“If you’ll just let me explain…”


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