If we’re hit by a hurricane, it will be my fault…


fenceI had to do it.  I tried to wait.  I did.  But I had to do it.

The gate was literally hanging on one hinge (the top one, thankfully), so I broke down and called a handyman that my friend recommended to come and fix it (along with sundry other handyman-type jobs).

Of course, the laws of Murphy, pessimisim or superstition (take your pick) say that once I have a new, secure gate on my fence the odds of some meteorological disaster ripping it off have increased to near certainty.

I was going to say I am not a superstitious man, but after reviewing some of my behavior, I am not so sure I can make that claim.  No, I don’t fear ladders, black cats  or spilled salt, but I do have my quirks.

For instance, just like on those beer commercials, I have my “lucky spot” to watch sports games.  If the team is going well, then I need to be there to make sure my team continues to win.  If I were invited to a roundtable of great authors of our time and they all wanted to watch the game together at a sports bar, I fear I would have to turn them down rather than risk the team losing because of me.  But that’s not really superstition, is it?

I have some other quirks that would either amuse or bore you (and perhaps embarrass me).  Rather than take the risk on boring, I’ll ask you this:  How far is the distance between superstition and OCD behavior?  Can you tell which is which?

If I leave out the words “lucky seat” and simply say I always sit in the same spot with the same tray table to watch the game (with the remote control on the right side), could it just as easily be looked at as compulsive behavior?  I wonder if all superstition is just a rose by another name.

Of course, if we DO get hit by a hurricane this year…

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