If the sock fits


It’s been a long time since I posted anything about socks.  Almost a year and a half, as you can see for yourself, (http://jeffreymdaniels.com/blog/?p=192).  I think this clears me of any charges of sock fixation.


I remain permanently baffled by the continued popularity of going sockless with shoes.  I am fully onboard with bare feet in flip-flops and sandals (it’s a big “duh” with flip-flops).  That’s normal and right.  There is balance in the world, grasshopper.

But, shoes, especially dress shoes, without socks?  Dur.

As we can see from the picture, it can look foolish when combined with a suit.  At least wear light-colored shoes if you have to do that, for goodness sake!  But, of course, that’s not the most perplexing part.

I don’t think I’m dramatically different on the evolutionary scale from most men in the world.  That being the case, I must assume that they also get sweaty feet.  Sweaty feet inside a pair of socks are safe.  Sweaty feet inside a pair of shoes are dangerous.

And that danger comes in many forms.  You could slide in (or out of) your shoes.  You could stain or damage your shoes.  And, it must be said, you could really stink up your shoes (not to mention the office, car, etc.).  Those precious socks are the critical means of defense.  It’s like fighting a tank on a bicycle, facing a dragon without a shield, battling the Romulans with your dilithium crystals depleted.  Face it, it’s just bad news.

And here’s the ultimate irony:  the desire to go sockless is in direct correlation with the time of year it’s most sweaty.  Double Dur!  What are these guys thinking?

Best of all, this is somehow considered fashion.  Are you kidding me?  Bony ankles (or fleshy ones) protruding from a crisp pants leg, that’s fashion?  Yoiks!  Color me uncool, please!

Hey, I don’t expect my opinion to change anyone’s mind.  That’s fine.  Check with your podiatrist if you want a credentialed medical opinion of the value of socks.  I’ll just continue to blissfully wear my socks and let those other “fashionable” chaps wear nothing.  I wouldn’t want to get them upset.

After all, they make a big enough stink as it is.

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