I should get committed for my own good


Call me crazy, but I really need to be committed.

Nah, not like the guy here, although I could probably use a good amount of time with an analyst (and who couldn’t, really?).

What I need is to be more committed.

I am a person who is easily distracted.  I have a lot of things I like to do.  I have a lot of things I like to think.  Staying “locked in” is sometimes a bit of a challenge.

When I was working for a living, if I didn’t get all my work done immediately, I waited until the there was a feeling of urgency to get it all done.  The slightest procrastination led to the urgency method, since I was not interested in the day-in/day-out working process (borrring!).

I see the same attitude across many of my interests, public and private.  For example, I dearly enjoy writing, but it’s clear my commitment to publishing that writing is in need of a boost.  Presuming my stay could avoid the white jacket (no hands free), perhaps a laptop and a padded room would be just what the doctor ordered (psychiatrist or medical, take your pick).

I have made some half-hearted attempts at re-starting my mothballed social life and that clearly needs more commitment if I hope to add some more interesting characters into my life.  Nobody wants to be with a lukewarm fence-sitter, so I better pick one side and hop down.

My physical health is good, but my workout regimen remains spotty.  Sometimes I can go a month or month and a half of consistent exercise and then <bam!> nothing for a week.  No program will work effectively without a commitment to regular training.

In the meantime, I play on the computer or read or draw or play tennis or play poker or go for a drive or watch a movie or sit on the patio or any of a dozen other short-term things that manage to interrupt my efforts to work on my long-term goals.

Enough is enough!  I am committed to getting committed!

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