I really do love you honey

I really do love you honey - a love story between me and cooking with honey.

The cooking challenge for 2020 is still taking form, but home cooking continues unabated in the JMD household. As a bridge between those never-before-cooked recipes and now, here’s a little love story I have cutely titled, I really do love you honey.

Winging it with honey

I am an unabashed wing man. Chicken wings, of course.

I’m equally comfortable with full wings as I am to pre-cut wings (those you get served in restaurants). The key part is the ease of prep and the utility of wings.

Wings are one of the best foods for watching a movie (as long as you don’t need to hit the remote for anything). They are also easy to make – just season them as you like, slap them in the oven and walk away.

A few months back, I was at a restaurant with a friend and tried their honey sriracha wings. I instantly fell in love. All I needed was the sriracha, since I always have honey in the house.

I really do like ribbing you honey

Honey has long been a component of many of my tasty sauces. It’s a necessary ingredient in making Chinese ribs. I also use it in combination to make a “standard” rib glaze.

Mixed with a little barbecue or cut with hot pepper spices, honey provides the perfect mix of sweet to whatever tart or spice might already exist.

I tend to slather the honey into my locally famous baked beans as well. And my regionally famous BBQ sauce. Generally, honey has a starring role at my BBQ’s.

A glaze to amaze

When I was young, a delectable treat at home was Mom’s meatloaf. I use the word treat carefully, for Mom often put a sweet glaze atop the meatloaf.

Frequently, she would use orange marmalade, lovingly baked into a crusty sweet topping. Occasionally, she would find other toppings.

I have little use for marmalade elsewhere in my cooking, so I’ve never picked up any. But, I do continue Mom’s tradition by using a wide variety of glazes on top of my meatloaf.

Of course, honey often plays a part in those glaze toppings. Of course.

I really do love you honey

There aren’t too many sauces that can’t benefit from a little honey. Certainly there aren’t many in the JMD household.

It’s great to cut into spicy sauces and wonderful to add into tangy sauces. And that’s not even counting the more traditional uses for honey. I mean, I really do love you honey, but who doesn’t, am I right?

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