I probably should start planning now


Nope, this isn’t another post about Halloween. For one thing, that planning is already done. For another, it’s all about doing now, not planning. What this post is all about is my next big adventure and what I want to (or should) do. Whatever I decide, I probably should start planning now.

Age is more than a number

In about a year and a half, my next “major” birthday arrive. It’s a roundy (60), so it carries more “weight” than just any old birthday.

Regular readers know I host a little barbecue at my house every year on my birthday. Usually between a dozen and twenty people show up. It’s a hectic week or so of preparation, cooking and cleaning, but it’s fun.

However, for “big” birthdays, I like to do something special.

50 was the last big roundy

On my 50th birthday, I rented a pavilion at the local park and a large rental truck.

I filled the truck with tons of supplies and stuff (including my barbecue) and invited a ton of friends and family for a whole day affair. It was impressive. And exhausting. But it was memorable.

I did drive on 55

Of course, on the big double-nickel, I did my famous GNABRT. New readers should peruse the section under “Categories” to see what that was all about.

Briefly, though, I drove across the U.S. (and a little of Canada) to catch a baseball game at every MLB park…all in one summer! What a maroon!

Again, it was exhausting (and expensive). But it was also memorable.

So, naturally at 60…

That’s a nifty number, too. Beyond being a roundy, it clearly suggests I’m on the back side of life. So, naturally, I should do something to disprove that.

But, what? What can I do that will be both, as is apparently required, exhausting and memorable?

The GNABRT trip was amazing, but all that driving solo was mostly terrible (except for the scenery and the moose – look it up already).

I probably should start planning now

Without specifically designing it that way, I see that each succeeding birthday “event” has been bigger than the previous. Does that mean I have to go even bigger?

I am a bit older, but I don’t feel that much more “aged”. I think I’ve got some more adventures left in me.

However, the GNABRT took several months to map out. Checking the baseball schedule, contacting people along the route, researching prices and distances.

If I’m going to do something even bigger for 60, I probably should start planning now.

Hey, if you have any ideas, drop me a comment! Heights should be avoided in most suggestions, thank you.


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  1. Steve

    Tracey and I have a pretty epic cruise around South America planned for my 60th in 2020. I am not suggesting you go on a cruise; just relating our plans.

    • JMD

      If I had a significant other, that would be a brilliant idea, since I’ve never been on a cruise.

      Glad to hear you are celebrating your roundy in style, old timer!


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