I never made these mistakes on my typewriter…


typing mistakesSometimes I just can’t write.  Sometimes it’s mental, like we discussed yesterday.  Sometimes it’s physical, the vagaries of health.  Sometimes it’s tropical, as the mercurial weather of my beloved state can wreak havoc with little warning and at any time.

During such times, I try to be productive by working on the editing/cleaning up of my work that I’ve done on the beach.  That’s a chore in itself, since the beach typing is pretty messy (seeing as I’m typing blind).

There is a problem I have been noticing for some time that has been increasing at a disturbing pace.  I have noticed a greater amount of spelling errors in my original typing and even in the subsequent “clean up”.  It’s unnerving and alarming, since I cannot be sure of the cause.  The most common repetition of this condition is in the form of juxtaposed letters, a sort of “limited dyslexia”.

I can’t decide if this is because my brain operates faster than my fingers, thinking of the next letters before I have typed the current one or if it’s a sign of my aging (and inevitably dying) brain.  Obviously, the latter has ominous overtones, dire consequences, and all that gloomy stuff.  The former is no less troublesome, if not as threatening.  One would think the solution in the first case is simply to slow down.

That is a bit annoying, taken in all, since I get fairly excited when I’m typing my story…really when I’m typing anything I’m passionate about.  And it’s clearly keyboard related, since I don’t have any issues when I’m writing by hand.

Some of this is due to my bastardized form of “home key” typing.  For those of you who never had a “formal” typing class (all the rage in the era I attended school and yes, we did have electricity back then), the “home key” method is a “sight free” means of typing.  You keep your hands around several specific keys on the keyboard and then type by knowing the adjacent locations of the other keys.

As with most things I do, my typing style is a hybrid.  I don’t use all my fingers (don’t tell my teacher) and I do occasionally glance at the keys.  For the most part, 40 years of typing has done more to help me memorize the key locations than my original typing class.  Still, it’s not perfect and it’s possible my fingers get “confused” and type letters out of order.  I am left-hand dominant and I suppose that could make those fingers quicker than the other hand (hmm, I could do a study of that…yeah, right).

Funny thing, I never seemed to have this problem on my old typewriter.  That was many years ago, of course, and could mean theory number two is more accurate.  On the other hand, I used to stare at the keys a lot more when I was younger, so maybe it’s not the typewriter or keyboard that should be taking the fall here.  As I said to a friend recently, “Bad arrow, said the bowman”.

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